Ways to Invest Your Tax Return Wisely

For those of you receiving a tax refund this year, here are a few smart ideas to make the most
out of it and possibly increase your amount altogether in the long run.

01: Pay off Some of That Credit Card Debt

Putting your entire refund toward your credit card debt probably doesn’t sound like the greatest
thing in the world, but you’ll end up thanking yourself every month when that payment comes
around and has already been taken care of. Plus the amount saved in interest just might be
enough incentive for you to consider this an option.

02: Plan for Your Child’s Future

Open a share account for your child and put your refund toward their college education. Here
you can start small and grow your savings which will literally pay off when the college years
arrive. Money invested early can grow substantially and could potentially save you thousands of

03: Plan for Your Own Future

Premier Community Credit Union offers several high-yield IRAs to help with your retirement.
Dropping your tax return into one of these accounts can turn it into an immense amount over
time. Plus all deposits are government insured up to $250,000 per member and additional
private insurance for another $250,000.

04: Increase Your Emergency Fund

Put your refund into an emergency fund and feel the weight of stress lift off your shoulders a bit
more. No matter how big or small your refund might be, having backup money in case life
throws you unexpected curveballs is always a good feeling.