Perfectly-Priced Presidents Day Celebrations

This coming Monday, February 21, our nation takes a day to celebrate and reflect on the important figures that have helped lead this country throughout the years. The reason Presidents Day is in February is because the date is particularly focused around the birthdays of our first and 16th presidents, George Washington (February 22) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12). It is observed on the third Monday of February every year. For many, it also means a three-day weekend, including the schools being closed. Whether you choose to stay home or venture out of the house, there are numerous ways to take advantage of the extra time you’ve been given. Here are just a few budget-friendly ideas of how to do just that:

01: Educate your Kids

Take the time to do a patriotic-centered craft with your child/children. Have them draw or paint pictures, teach them a patriotic song, have them come up with a skit or read them a book that helps educate them on the presidents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on art supplies and there are many free art templates, e-books and patriotic songs available via online sources. Get creative while helping them learn.

02: Attend Downtown

Many cities are jam-packed with Presidents Day celebrations including parades, street fairs, and live concerts. Use this time to enjoy your family or gather with a few friends. Go and see what your community is up to, meet some new faces and support local. If you don’t feel like attending is enough and you’d rather be in the center of all the action, consider volunteering next year to be a part of helping out with the events themselves.

03: Visit a Museum

Consider attending a museum of your choice. Some museums have exhibits focused on the presidents, but if not, that’s okay too. A day of unwinding while learning is good for the brain. If you have a museum close-by, that’s great, but if not or if you’d rather, don’t rule out making the excursion into an all-day adventure. For the kids that tend to get bored while at the museum, you can make it into a game and quiz them at the end of the visit. Make sure not to take the fun out of it though.

04: Potluck

If staying home is more your style, then maybe you’d want to have a few people over for some good grub. Fix your favorite classic dishes or get adventurous and try making something new. Cut back the cost by having your gathering be a potluck and ask everyone to bring their best patriotic dishes. Once everyone is done eating, think about making it into a game or movie night too.

05: Spa Day

Just take much-deserved time for you! Unwind with a book, listen to some relaxing music or go get a massage. Whatever you choose, just make sure to have your comfy clothes on, put your feet up and relax all the while thanking the great leaders of our country for helping us be able to enjoy where we are today!