Member Education - Mobile Banking

With Remote Deposit AnywhereTM, you can deposit checks safely and securely using your camera smartphone without having to visit a service center or ATM. Here are some measures to take to protect yourself and the important information on your mobile device.

•   Password protect the mobile device - pick a password that is easily hard to figure out
•   Download signed applications from trusted sources only
•   For Android mobile devices, do not enable Android’s “install from unknown sources” feature.
•   Do not store usernames and passwords on the device.
•   Keep the mobile device secure when not in use.
•   Frequently delete credit union text messages.
•   Notify the credit union and carrier immediately if the mobile device is lost or stolen for deactivation.
•   Do not modify the mobile device as it may disable important security features.
•   Install antivirus software.
•   Check your account often and notify the credit union of any unauthorized transactions.
•   Do not provide personal information, such as Social Security numbers, credit/debit/ATM card numbers and account numbers to sources that you do not trust.
•   Do not open attachments or click on links contained in emails received from unfamiliar sources.

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