How to Spend Veterans Day Patriotically

In May, we celebrate Memorial Day which is remembering those who gave all during their active military service for our country. On November 11 of each year, we have Veterans Day which honors all that have served. There are many ways to spend Veterans Day whether or not you yourself are a veteran. Here are just a few ideas of how to spend the day patriotically:

For Veterans:

We can’t thank you enough for your service and sacrifice you have given in order to help our country keep its freedom over the years.

01: Restaurants

Many restaurants have freebies or at least discounted meals available for veterans and active and retired military service members on the holiday. A lot of the places that do recognize the holiday require you to show a military I.D., but the gratefulness can almost be tasted in the food and it gives the workers a chance to serve you for a change. Go online to find a list of places and to get an idea on where to go.

02: Retail

Just like the restaurants, there are many retail stores that offer great discounts for active duty and veterans too. This might just be a good time to get some of that holiday shopping done because of so! While most that take part in offering such a deal focus solely on November 11 itself, some extend their offer by beginning or ending at an extended date. Also remember while some places will advertise such an event, some will not, so it never hurts to ask.

03: Hair Cuts

A good number of barbers and salons offer free or discounted haircuts on Veterans Day or they’ll donate a portion of your purchase to a military-related organization.

For Others:

01: Thank a Vet

It literally doesn’t cost a thing to thank a veteran for their service if you come across someone in public. If you don’t plan to leave your house, then at least recognize them through a social media post or reach out to your veteran family and friends via email or phone call. What might seem like a simple gesture to you might mean the world to those you’re thanking and, in return, is sure to make you happy as well.

02: Pay for a Meal

If you see or personally know a veteran, either invite them out to a “thank you” meal or surprise them by picking up their tab. Make it a random act of kindness and try to stay anonymous for added gratification that simply doesn’t need to be recognized; do it purely out of the kindness of your heart.

03: Visit a Vet and Volunteer

Visit your local VA or military hospital and simply spend time with some veterans. Make it a family event by taking your child or children along if you would like. Perhaps you can have your children create some nice cards or draw them pictures or have them take a book or two to read out loud. If you play an instrument, ask if it’s okay to play them a song or sing. During your visit, don’t forget to ask them questions; a lot of times they will love to share life stories with you and be grateful to have someone to talk to. Listen with an open heart and mind and don’t be in a hurry. You’re bound to learn and hear about many adventures and besides, you already know everything about yourself.

For Everyone:

National Parks

Entry to National Parks is free for everyone on Veterans Day! Not only that, active service members and their families qualify for a free America the Beautiful annual pass. There’s even more perks too: the National Park Service now offers free access to parks for life to veterans and Gold Star Families (those who have lost a family member to military service). Make certain you have your I.D. on you to receive free entry.

No matter if you’re spending Veterans Day as a veteran, retired or current military service member, or simply as a grateful member of the community and country, please remember to be safe and enjoy whatever it is you decide to do. Thank you again to all of our veterans and to all those who take the time out to thank them as well.