6 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Chances are your or your children’s grandparents already know how much of the world they mean to you and your kids, however this coming Sunday can give you more of an excuse to show them just how much they’re truly loved. That’s because September 12 is Grandparents Day this year! Here are some cost-effective ways of how you or your children can express to the grands that you wholeheartedly care.

01: Bake Them Dessert

Whether it be a cake, cookies or a pie, chances are everyone has a sweet tooth so consider baking and surprising them with their favorite sweet treat. If they are sugar-cautious, that’s okay too seeing as there are many sugar alternatives available these days too. Nothing speaks affection louder than a plate full of cookies baked with love.

02: Create a Photo Album

Gather some photos of the family and either put them in a photo album or a couple picture frames. You can usually find frames at the dollar store and, if you need to print out photos, many places offer deals or coupons on print costs. If your child is the one giving the pictures, make it into an art project by having them use stickers, non-toxic paint, buttons and more to decorate the frames or pages of the album.

03: Do Yard and House Work

Everyone has what seems like a neverending list of to-dos and this includes grandparents. So, consider volunteering around the house however they’d like. Perhaps you can mow the lawn and pull some weeds out in the yard or dust, vacuum and mop inside. Your help is sure to be appreciated and volunteering your time doesn’t cost a dime!

04: Create an “I Love You” List

Create or have your children create a list of reasons why the grandparents mean so much. Some of the reasons might surprise you and make your emotions run wild too. Print out the list and present it to your guests of honor. If you can’t see them in person, consider emailing it to them or calling them up and reading it over the phone. If your family is more of the creative type, you might want to take items from the list and make it into a poem or a song too!

05: Order Customized Products

There are many websites that offer customization on products now and what great gifts they make! Shirts, mugs or photo blankets with the names or photos of the grandkids on them are bound to make anyone smile! Shop around a while before ordering to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

06: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes the best thing to do with someone is to simply sit down and chat it up with them.  Meet up with them in person or give them a call and, if they’re more tech-savvy, take advantage of video calling. Do so when you’re not pressed for time and remember to let them do most of the talking because you already know everything about yourself. Ask them questions about themselves e.g., their childhood, their favorite hobbies etc. If it’s okay with your grandparents and only after you ask them, consider recording the conversation in order to preserve the memories they share. Who knows what interesting facts you might find out.

Whether it be an extravagant celebration or a simple “I love you” said, enjoy Sunday and remember to appreciate your grandparents every single day of the year!