6 Affordable Outdoor Activities to do This Autumn

The current weather might not make it seem like it, but autumn is going to be here before we know it. So, it’s time to start getting that list together of affordable outdoor activities you and the family might want to do:

01: Visit a Pumpkin Patch

This one might seem like an obvious choice, but visiting a local pumpkin patch can be very exciting and help get the entire family in the mood for the season’s change. California’s Central Valley is filled with a variety of crops, and pumpkins happen to be high on the list. You might even consider researching the different types of pumpkins and squash so you have an idea of what you’re looking at once you’re there!

02: Decorate Those Pumpkins

Decorating or carving the pumpkins you have purchased is a great indoor or outdoor activity. There are many free carving stencils or decorating ideas available online including paint designs too! Consider a design contest between family members or simply use the activity as a time to spend together. You can also save the seeds to roast them afterwards if you so choose. The decorating and carving could get a bit messy, so make sure to protect the workspace and please use caution if sharp carving utensils are being used.

03: Jump in Leaves

There’s just something about the satisfaction of jumping a huge pile of leaves. If you have little ones, have them help rake the fallen leaves in your yard up together as much as they can then let them have at it. You might even want to grab your camera to take video or stills of the fun event or even join in for a bunch of fun too!

04: Visit a Corn Maze

Another crop that is plentiful during the fall season is corn and once again there is a lot in the Central Valley! Think about taking a trip to one of the corn mazes that many local farms have. This can get a little pricy depending on what you choose to do while there, but it doesn’t need to be and the maze itself isn’t necessarily the only attraction. Some locations also have a petting zoo filled with a variety of farm animals and most also have pumpkins for sale in case you want to double-up on your outing and have this be your pumpkin patch visit as well.

05: Take Autumn Photos

Fall can have some of the best weather out of the year as it cools off but isn’t too dreary out, so it’s a good idea to take advantage while you can. If you have a creative eye and want to get out of the house, consider grabbing your camera and heading out on a walk. Get photos of all things autumn in nature including trees with leaves that are changing color or carved-pumpkin masterpieces. Get creative and put your own twist on things. Make it a family event if you’d like and let everyone take turns taking pictures to see what they come up with too!

06: Get Your Autumn Photos Taken

Book a photo session with a local photographer and have your family photos taken outside! The colors and lighting are usually wonderful for family portraits and the time of year to have them taken are great too; they come in handy for holiday cards. If you don’t think you can afford a professional photographer, you might want to think again. They might be more affordable than you may realize and many hold special deals because of the busy season.